A page for my low brass students at The University of Arkansas at Monticello. 

Please click on my PDF books or scroll down for links to brass related websites.

The Very Useful Trombone Book

Contains all sorts of useful information for trombone players including:

Practice tips

Daily routines

Tuning & intonation 


Care & Maintenance

Instrument choice and more...

Free PDF  (75 Pages)

Scales & Arpeggios For The Trombone

Major, minor & chromatic scales notated for the trombone.  Essential for developing:

Sound Production

Breath Control



Slide Technique 

Free PDF  (20 Pages)

Bebop Theory For Trombone

This PDF book explains scales, modes, and contains some cool patterns and jazz licks notated for the trombone in bass clef.

Chord Symbols

Scale & Modes

Patterns & Licks

Altered, Diminished, Augmented, Whole-tone...

Free PDF  (43 Pages)

Vowel Sounds On The Trombone

A quick simple explanation of how we can use vowel shapes to help us improve tone and play intervals more efficiently.

Free PDF  (2 Pages)

Brass Playing Websites 

Trigger Exercises for Tenor Trombone

If you are new to the F-attachement trombone, here are some great exercises to help improve co-ordination, sound & intonation.

Free PDF  (9 Pages)